What Type and Size of Binds Do I Need?

A common question we get asked at Skyline is how to know what type and size of binds people need for their document or project. We are always happy to explain the differences, sizes, and sheet amounts, but a few people have been asking about a visual guide. That is what we will clear up today, and don’t forget to bookmark and/or share this guide if you found it helpful! If you have any additional questions, please call us at 1-866-455-9900 for friendly service!


Coil Binds

Coil Binding MachinesCoil Binding Supplies

We’ll start off with Coil Binds, as they are one of the most common types of binds. You may know these as Spiral Coil, Plastic Coil, or just Coils; but they all refer to the type of bind. Coil Binds get their popularity from being easy to bind with, a huge variety of standard colors (and custom PMS colors!), plus they don’t get crushed in the mail if you are shipping your documents.

With coil binding all you have to do is punch the holes in the paper with a coil binding machine of your choice (electric or handle operated), and then insert the coils by hand or using an electric roller (many of our machines include them). The final step is using the coil crimper pliers to crimp and cut the ends of the plastic coil so it doesn’t spin out of the document (there are also electric crimpers that do this for you).


Comb Binds

Comb Binding MachinesComb Binding Supplies

Comb Binds are another popular form of binding, and are one of the most versatile types of binds. They are often used in everything from office documents, presentations, school projects, reference documents, and even cookbooks! Comb Binds are often used when you need to bind documents quickly, or to bind documents that you may need to change later on. They are also often Custom-Imprinted, which allows for any text and logo/image you want to be put on them by being Foil Stamped, Inked, or Flood Coated. This gives them a very professional look, and is often used for organization by year/etc.

To Comb Bind, all you need is a comb binding machine of your choice. They can be either electric or operated by a handle on the machine (if non-electric). Using the machine, you punch your document, and then use the comb spreader on the machine to open the comb binds and then lay your document on the comb binds so they go through the holes in the paper. You then move the comb spreader handle (or push the button if you have an electric spreader) and voila! You’re done!


Wire Binds

Wire Binding MachinesWire Binding Supplies

Wire-O Binds are also known as Spiral Wire-O or just Wire Binds. Made of wire (as the name implies), wire binds are often used to give an elegant, professional look. Frequently used in classy settings, wire binds are popular for presentations, proposals, and much more. Wire binds come in quite a few colors; gold, silver, black, white, navy, and red, just to name a few.

Wire binds come in two ratios: 2:1 and 3:1. The difference is whether there are 2 or 3 holes punched per inch of paper. Standard wire is available in 3:1 Pitch in sizes between 1/4″ and up to 9/16″. After that, wire comes standard in 2:1 Pitch from 5/8″ up to 1 1/4″. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that it looks better to have 3:1 Pitch on smaller books, and 2:1 Pitch on large books. It also allows the pages to turn easier on large documents.

Special wire binds are available in the small sizes (1/4″ up to 9/16″) in 2:1 Pitch as well, so if you need those, be sure to get the right ones! We are always here to help to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Wire binding is easy to use, and there are many machines available. As with most binds, you punch the holes in the paper with either an electric machine or by hand with a handle on the machine. Once this is done, you place the wire binds into the paper, and then crimp them to close the bind. Crimping is either done with an easy to use handle on the machine, or an electric machine. With both types, you adjust the setting for your size of wire (so it crimps perfectly and quickly), and then you’re done!

When large quantities or large books are being made, some people opt to get a punch only machine, and a wire closer machine. This allows for one person to punch and the other to crimp the wire, allowing for even faster binding!



Velobind MachinesVelobind Supplies

Velobinds are frequently used in law offices, or anywhere a secure binding type is needed. Velobinds have been called many things, including SecureBind, Ultra Bind, Quick Bind, Hot Knife Binding, and much more. The key security feature of Velobinds is that they cannot be edited. The bind is actually fused together, allowing for a very secure bind, and the binding style doesn’t allow the document to lay open (perfect for making sure no sensitive information is seen by a passerby).

Velobinding is done using a machine that punches 9, 11, or 14 holes in the paper (letter on the short side, letter on the long side, or legal size). The pin part of a Velobind is placed through the document, and then the other part of the Velobind is placed on the pins on the other side of the document. This gets placed on the machine and then the pins of the Velobind get melted off, and fused together with the bind itself.

Zip Binds

Zip Bind Supplies

ZipBind is a new type of binding strip designed to work with Comb Bind style documents and machines. With the ability to open and close the binds at will, document editing is quick and easy. ZipBinds are designed to work with 19 hole comb punched documents; if you currently comb bind then you can ZipBind too! You don’t need any additional equipment (other than your comb binding machine) to bind classy, professional looking documents in seconds.

Even if you don’t have any binding equipment you can still ZipBind! With Skyline’s Pre-Punched Papers and Document Covers (available in every color imaginable), you can ZipBind using only your hands! The spines are currently available in two colors, with two sizes each. The colors are Black and Frost, and the two sizes are 3/8″ (45-65 sheets) and 1/2″ (80-100 sheets). The ZipBinds come in a standard 11″ length, but can be shortened easily with a pair of snips or scissors to be used with smaller documents as well.

ZipBinds allow you to fold your document back on itself, which is a capability that traditional Comb Binding doesn’t have. This gives your document a full 360 degree range of motion for easy handling and viewing.

To get started with ZipBinding, simply pick a size and color of your choice, find some Skyline Pre-Punched Paper and Covers (if you don’t have a Comb Binding machine), and start binding today! Any Pre-Punched paper or cover material that has 19 holes or is compatible with Comb Binding will work for ZipBinding. Need help ordering or deciding what you would like? Give us a call at 1-866-455-9900 for friendly help!


ProClick is an alternative to Wire Bind 3:1 Pitch. ProClicks are to Wire what ZipBind is to Comb Binds. They are made from a strong but slightly flexible plastic, and give you a quick way to bind your documents. If you have a ProClick OR Wire Bind machine, you can punch your document and then start binding with ProClicks quickly and easily. The binds come with a tool that makes for quick opening and closing, allowing for rapid binding.

With four different colors available, you can choose from Black, Navy Blue, White, and Frosted. Whether you are looking for an alternative to Wire Binding, need an editable document, or simply enjoy the professional look that ProClick gives, you can keep them on hand for binding at a moment’s notice. The binds arrive open, and can be creased together slightly to make binding quicker, but that is completely optional.

To bind your documents ProClick style, simply follow these instructions: Start by punching your document with your 3:1 Wire Bind machine or ProClick machine like you normally would. Once that is done, take your binds and insert them into the document. Snap the first few binds together with your fingers, and then take the tool (pictured above, included with the binds) and run it along the ProClick strip to close it. Opening the binds is easy with the tool as well, simply flip it over and run the smaller side of the tool in the middle of the binds and it will pop the bind open.

With three sizes of binds available, you can choose between 5/16″ (small), 1/2″ (medium), and 5/8″ (large). If you are interested in using ProClicks, or have additional questions, give us a call at 1-866-455-9900 for quick and friendly service!



Hopefully this guide has helped clear things up, and if you have any questions or would like to order, give us a call at 1-866-455-9900 or online at Online Skyline. Feel free to also comment with your question and we will respond as well! If you would like us to contact you, you can use our Contact Us page and get in touch that way. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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